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Our capabilities for sheets/rolls include gauges from .007" to .400" and widths up to 82" inches.

Advanced Plastic Extrusion offers a wide variety of options for our customers. We are a family owned custom extrusion company, that specializes in satisfying the needs of the most difficult jobs. Our specialities include:

  • Toll Extrusion                                        •  Low Order Minimums                    •  Texture/Matte Finishes

  • Custom Color Matching                        •  Quick Lead Times                           •  Smooth Class A Finishes

  • Lamination Grade Plastic                    •  Consignment                                   • Film Lamination Capability

  • Chatter Free Sheet                                                       


At APEX, we are raising the quality standards in the plastic industry. As an in process ISO9001:2015 company, our quality control ability enables us to be a prime choice when it comes to meeting the requirements of a new or existing project. Our quality control is dynamic & adapts to the customer's specified needs.


 Our state of the art quality lab and strong vendor relationships enable us to provide the following:

  • CIELAB Color Spectrometer Analysis With Tight dE Tolerances 

  • Custom Color Matching 

  • Opacity & Gloss Measurement

  • Microscopy Analysis

  • Dart Impact Testing

  • Custom Resin Formulation, R&D

  • Lot To Lot Traceability

  • .001"-.0001" Gauge Consistency Across Film Web Width, Minimizing Gauge Banding

  • Thermoforming Batch Testing

  • Protective Masking Film Capability For Superior Sheet Protection

  • Clean Air Manufacturing Environment With Static Elimination For Minimal Foreign Dust/Debris

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