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Choosing The Right Substrate For Your Program

Choosing The Right Substrate Can Be A Challenge!

Choosing the right substrate can make or break the competitiveness of a manufacturing company in a given market. As a market matures, the amount of increased competition from other players start to take its toll. Whether it is customers demanding a lower price, competitors beating you out on quotes, or new innovative products coming to market - staying ahead of the curve can be a daunting task alone.

At Advanced Plastic Extrusion, we are working around the clock performing market research on current polymers and the next generation of polymers, trial/supplying those exciting materials downstream through the supply chain to customers - leading through innovation.

Our success with product diversification and development is attributed to us partnering with key market vendors. Together, we as a team use synergy in order to get the required outcome. Some markets we currently serve:

  • Thermoforming

  • IMD

  • Automotive

  • Marine

  • POP

  • Decorative Laminate

We want to extend this offer to you, the customer. Become a partner with Advanced Plastic Extrusion so that we can share our market knowledge that is backed by hundreds of industry experts across our supply chain!

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