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Sustainable ABS !

I am delighted to inform you about our latest product, the APEX ABS BIO sheet, which we are proud to introduce to the market. As part of our commitment to fostering a more sustainable future, we have developed a plant-based sheet that instills a sense of pride. The utilization of plant-derived sources and other bio-attributed materials in the production of this sheet offers a remarkable advantage for sustainability initiatives.

Our bio-based ABS sheet exhibits identical physical, thermal, and visual properties to what you have come to expect from our esteemed APEX ABS sheet product line. By sourcing the monomers used in our ABS from plants, we ensure that the sheet's chemistry remains unaltered without any modifications in resin construction. Consequently, there is no need to undergo any requalification processes for the APEX ABS BIO sheet, as it upholds the highest standards of quality.

In the production of these bio materials, our suppliers employ a bio-waste conversion process known as feedstock cracking. This process involves combining bio-feedstock with fossil-based materials, resulting in a material composition with a specified percentage of renewable content. At present, we can offer APEX ABS BIO sheets with up to 80% bio-based ABS content. This product receives ISCC Mass Balance certification. Long term, if fossil fuels and carbon footprint continue to be a target of scrutiny, we have you covered.

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